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Louis J. Mazzio
Louis J. Mazzio, Jr.
Chief Information Officer

Post & Schell, P.C.’s commitment to state-of-the-art information and data acquisition, compilation, management, dissemination, and securitization is a core tenet of the Firm’s investment strategy of acquiring and retaining the finest intellectual capital available, and  acquiring and continually up-grading the best information technology available. Cutting-edge information technology.

Access: Post & Schell has transitioned to a matter-centric environment, which encompasses developing, maintaining, and storing all Firm and client information and data in digital format. 

The Firm’s extranet system provides clients with a secure environment to access data regarding their matters. Clients have the ability to view trial calendars, expert reports, case summaries, court and agency filings, and other matter-centric documents. The extranet also permits the private transfer of files and the ability to work collaboratively with our attorneys and para-professionals on documents. This results in maximizing the sharing of information, while minimizing duplication of effort.

Security: Today’s businesses operate in a highly-scrutinized regulatory environment that requires their data be secure to meet and exceed government privacy standards. Post & Schell features state-of-the-art security measures and protocols to protect the Firm’s clients and their confidential and proprietary business information, data and documents, including: security protocols to access any desktop computer or mobile device in the Firm, limited pass-key access to secure areas within the Firm, and state-of-the-art anti-virus software and firewalls to protect sensitive data.

Communication and Collaboration: Post & Schell’s clients demand a wide variety of tools to effectively communicate with their legal counsel. From traditional in-office solutions like teleconferencing, video-conferencing, streaming video, e-mail and web conferencing, to state-of-the-art smart phones, mobile access, and online collaboration tools, Post & Schell provides its attorneys with the tools to customize their communications to their clients’ diverse needs. Additionally, the Firm boasts one of the top conferencing centers in the legal industry, complete with video-conferencing, streaming video, Wi-Fi access, multi-functional presentation and meeting rooms, and collaboration areas. The Post & Schell Conference Center is designed to centralize and optimize the Firm’s space for accommodating a wide variety of meetings, seminars, educational programming, Continuing Legal and Medical Education programs, and a host of other functions.

As technology continues to innovate and revolutionize the legal industry, Post & Schell is committed to continuous evaluation and improvement in this area to not just meet the firm’s internal needs, but also those of the Firm’s clients and the broad spectrum of legal industry stakeholders.